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ASHIYA-City ?? & Where ??

Appeal Points : Mimi Locco

Ideal Location
ASHIYA-City is regarded as one of the most
prestigious areas for residential living in Japan.
There is an abundance of nature and greenery
providing people with quality of life and relaxation
in their living environment.




The Rokko Mountain range is in close proximity
and is located to the north of Ashiya City
providing a back drop to the area.
The ocean is located to the South of the city
and this ideal geographic location provides
the perfect area to reside.
More importantly Ashiya City offers
a safe and secure environment.

Mimi Locco Quality
The Serviced Apartment Mimi Locco offers the
highest of standards of accommodation in this area
for those who work in the region of Osaka & Kobe.
Each Apartment has been carefully designed with
individually styled interior designs offering heart
warming touches and differing concepts.
The end result allows residents to recognize and feel a level of sophistication not seen or experienced
elsewhere. All Apartments are fully equipped with very high quality furnishings, electrical equipment
and other appliances. Mimi Locco provides Mottos of Just Walk-in & Commence Living & All you need
is your personal belongings. The excellent hospitality, including a maid service that provides room
cleaning twice weekly, and bilingual concierge service, allows overseas guests staying feel
comfortable and relaxed.




Fully Furnished Apartment

Our Motto is “Just walk-in and commence living in comfort” & “All
you need is your personal belongings”.
All apartments are fully furnished with high quality
furnitures, home electrical appliances, kitchenware
(kitchen/tableware & cookware) & bathroom items.

Bilingual Concierge Service

Bilingual (English) Concierges are available at the reception
to assist with your enquiries.
Please feel free to contact us for any assistance you may

Advanced Security System

Mimi Locco has installed the advanced Security System
which is fully backed-up by a security company as well as
a monitoring camera working 24-hours at Key-areas.

2 階のラウンジなど、随所にミミロッコが提案する暮らしのステータス


Lounge Room

The authentic & sophisticated Lounge can be
used for Residents’ social life.
Free Coffee/Tea making facilities are provided
free of charge & a high quality Audio System
that makes entertaining Guests a joy.

Public Space

Mimi Locco’s design and use of public space
as well as interior design allows residents to
intuitively feel a sense of Relaxation and
Peace of mind.


The comfort afforded by our Serviced Apartments can be used in a variety of ways.
In addition to residential use, the Mimi Locco can be offered as a Guest-House for inviting visitors
from abroad, Meeting-Space for companies & organizations, and as a Seminar-House.

For Guest House Town Resort

For Meeting Space Seminar House

< Mimi Locco Security >
Mimi Locco is well secured with the highest level of Security System installed.
<Mimi Locco Services>
The Concierge Desk provides all necessary information and arrangements upon request.
Room-cleaning/Linen & Towels changing/Bed-making ... Twice weekly
Public Space Cleaning ... Daily except Sunday.
Spacious Lounge (2F) is opened to Residents & their guests and this lounge is equipped
with a high quality audio system.
Coffee making machine/tea set & other kind of soft drinks are available on a self-service basis.