1.Consultation & Viewing of the Apartment

Please place any inquiry either through E-mail or Telephone if you may have some queries or questions.
Your Viewing request is always welcome & acceptable via E-mail or Telephone.

mimilocco・ofice Domestic call:078-858-0810 Phone from overseas:+81-78-858-0810 9:30~17:30


When you decide an Apartment, please fill in the application form, and send it to us
(via FAX, E-mail or Posting), Your Reservation is acceptable from Two Months prior to
your intended Check-in date.


After the application is submitted, the following Documents are necessary to be prepared :

Private Individual Contract
* Official Certificate to prove Income
( Tax Payment Certificate/Withholding Slip )
*ID with Photo ( Passport/Driving License )
Corporate Contract
* Corporate Registration Certificate
* Company Profile
* ID with Photo ( Passport/Driving License )


Please arrange an initial Payment confirmed of the receipt prior to your Check-in
via Bank Telegram Transfer against the Invoice we issue.


Please arrive at Mimi Locco & complete your check-in procedure between 10:00 - 19:00 on the scheduled day.
English speaking Staff will give you Room-keys, and explain about the facilities.