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Plastic bags

Plastic bags


It has been ruled since July this year that plastic bags are charged when you ask for at a super market or a convenience store. Our staff usually buy their lunches at a nearby super market or a convenience store. With the commencing of the said rule, our staff have started using their own shopping bags when they buy their lunches, in spite of the bags being charged or not. Those bags which are used by our staff are a staff’s special-made, re-use of old plastic bag, and so on. We have seen two changes since we started using our own shopping bags.


One is the issue how to throw away the containers of food in a sanitary way. We used to throw away the empty containers by putting them in a plastic bag which is given at a shop’s check-out counter. Over an inner office discussion, we have come up to the conclusion that we wrap the empty containers, after rinsing them if possible, in old newspaper.


The other is an unexpected delight of eating. As it is sometimes difficult to put a microwaved food container (horizontally shaped or vertically shaped) in a differently shaped shopping bag, we have started microwaving the purchased food in our office. We used to ask the shop clerk to microwave the purchased food, but during the time we walk from a shop to our office, the food has got a little cold. By microwaving in our office, we now can enjoy a very hot food, literally “fresh from the oven,” which has brought us an unexpected delight of eating.