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Basic Policy on Information Security Basic Policy on Information Security

Basic Policy on Information Security

We, Harp Corporation Co., Ltd., will provide our basic policy on information security as per detailed hereunder how to handle the information and communication equipment that we operate, under our privacy policy and its operational procedures, in order to protect the personal information and corporate information that we hold and to ensure lawful and appropriate management of the personal information.

We have been engaged in business operations mainly of a furnished apartment to meet the needs of customers. In order for us to continue to offer a satisfactory service to our customers, we provide our basic policy on information security which will be our guideline on how we tackle information security, since we are determined to protect information asset in this highly informed society from such menaces as an accident, disaster, crime, and so on, and to be trusted by our customers and public.

1.Establishing internal rules and information security policy

We will establish arrangements and procedures necessary for the maintenance and/or improvement of the security and we will make such necessary measures for information security as our internal official rules.

2.Responsibility of our management and continuous improvement

Our management, by complying with the basic policy herein, will take the initiative in an appropriate management of our internal and customers’ information assets.

3.Observing the requirements provided by a law and/or contract

Our employees will comply with those requirements for security from a law, rule, regulation, and/or contract with a customer, relating to the information assets that we use in our business activities.

4.Endeavors by our employees

Our employees will make every endeavor to ensure our tackling information security, by acquiring knowledge and technique necessary to maintain and improve the information security.

5.Countermeasure to a breach and/or an accident

We will endeavor to minimize a damage brought by a breach and/or an accident, by developing an internal program to cope with a breach of law, rule, and/or regulation related to information security, and a breach of the contract with a customer, and/or an accident of information security.

1st August, 2019
Harp Corporation Co., LTD
Representative Director  Mitsuko Kubo

Basic Policy on Information Security Basic Policy on Information Security