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Resident feedback  Resident feedback 

Resident feedback


We found out about Mimilocco 8 years ago for the first time. We live overseas, so every time we had come back to Japan previously, we stayed at serviced apartments in Tokyo.We tried staying at 7 or 8 different serviced apartments over the years. We luckily found one that we quite liked and actually stayed there three times in a row. However, one day, we decided to go to Kansai for a change of air and stayed at Mimilocco to see what it was like. It was just at this time that our lifestyle had dramatically changed. I was so much elated at a pleasant ambience this apartment was producing, and I felt really reluctant when we had to leave a month later. I still remember that day vividly. Of course, there are many other serviced apartments that can provide a comfortable stay for a month. However, I never dreamt that there would be an apartment which could provide a level of comfort like this one. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Mimilocco enriches my life every time I stay there.
We felt that we could never return to the apartments in Tokyo again. Every time we return to Japan, this is the place where we want to come back and stay. It goes without saying that the spaciousness of the apartment and its outstandingly convenient location makes it a very appealing choice. However, what makes it truly wonderful is all the thoughtful staff who work there. It is our pleasure to stay here which we feel is like our home in Japan away from home. My husband had many business trips to Europe but he adjusted his trip schedule in spring and fall so that we can return to our home in Japan twice a year. I can’t believe how much our lifestyle has changed. Finding this special hideaway is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life.


Episodes with Mimilocco

Memory of the Star Festival.

A resident wrote her wish on the strip of paper and hung it on the bamboo twig. Surprisingly, her wish came true! She passed on her story to another resident and her wish also came true the following year.

The stay before moving abroad for a quite long time.

There was a family who got transferred to another country. They once resided at Mimilocco for a quite long time, although they moved out due to their children’s school matter. They decided to spend their final week here at Mimilocco before their departure. We were so grateful to have them with us again and deeply moved to see them off.

Welcome back! 

The former resident who wished to come back, did come back!

Mimilocco’s subtle power or what?

A frequent guest says that he becomes more vibrant than when he first arrives. Mimilocco’s invisible power always amazes him.

In-house moving.

A family had to consider moving out as their contract was almost over. When they heard there were some vacancies at Mimilocco, they decided to move to another unit in Mimilocco without hesitation. They said that they were so pleased with Mimilocco’s service and hospitality that they could not think of any other option.

Night snack.

When I was on a night shift at the front desk, a lady always asked me whether I had dinner or not. Her tasty late time snack has become a motivation for me to work the lonely nights.

The renowned shopper.

I introduced the supermarket where I usually shop to a non-Japanese resident. He is now a happy and friendly frequent customer there.

A wide circle of acquaintances.

Many former residents drop by Mimilocco whenever they have a chance to visit Ashiya, Kobe or Japan! When a couple visited us at Mimilocco with their cute baby was a surprising pleasure. I am so honored and proud to work at the front desk of Mimilocco.

Spotlighting a history.

We enjoy eating a lot of mikan oranges in winter. It is one of the winter features in Japan.
When we had a year-end party at Mimilocco, an English couple said ‘Oh, Satsuma!’ on seeing the mikan oranges. We were all puzzled at and they told us that people in England call those oranges “Satsuma.” But, why?
Afterwards, we found out that seedlings were given from Satsuma province to England as proof of friendship when Satsuma-Anglo alliance was formed. This historical fact deepened our friendship.

All of us are missing you!

On the day the residents move out, all of the Mimilocco staff members want to see them off with a big smile filled with appreciation. So even when some staff members are not on duty, we always try to show up.

Seasonal greetings.

We send seasonal greeting cards along with a little gift to the former residents both in and out of Japan. We receive a message in return saying that they are always looking forward to hearing from us.

Party time.

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, we hold a party. Many residents and people working with the tenant shops gather to get to know each other. The party never ends on time. It is needless to say that they are definitely having a lot of fun!

Friend some time and family another time.

We receive texts from our beloved former residents or frequent guests whenever a natural disaster or accident occurs in Ashiya or Kobe. We keep in touch with each other like friends and families.

Always happy to be of your help.

Many residents from other countries experience difficulty, of course, both in language and the custom. Our support and helping hand are always appreciated.

An episode from our general manager.

It was a rainy day when our frequent guest arrived at Ashiya train station. Assuming the time of arrival, one of our staff went to the train station with an umbrella to meet them. They were impressed by the unexpected hospitality.

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