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Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Harp Corporation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”) implement the protection of private information as per mentioned hereunder, by laying down the privacy policy, establishing the security system to protect private information, and educating all of our executives and employees to secure that they understand the importance of protecting private information and they make their best endeavor to protect it.

Management of private information

We will strictly and carefully manage the private information to maintain our customers’ private information correct and most up-dated and to prevent it from an illegal access, loss, damage, alteration, leak, and/or similar, by taking necessary and appropriate measures, such as establishing maintenance and managerial system, keeping our executives and employees well informed, and so on, and by implementing safety measures.

Scope of use of private information

We will use such private information provided by our customers to send e-mails and/or material when we need to get in touch with them, we provide the outline of our business, and/or we reply to their questions.

Prohibition of disclosing and/or submitting private information to a third party

We will manage such private information provided by our customers in an appropriate way, and, except for the cases mentioned hereunder, we will not disclose the said information to a third party.

  1. in case our customer agrees to
  2. in case we provide private information to the trader that we entrust our operation to, in order to provide such service required by our customers.
  3. in case it is necessary to disclose under a law and/or regulation

Safety measures to protect private information

We will take all the necessary and appropriate measures for the security in order to ensure the accuracy and safety of our customers’ private information.

Making an inquiry in person

We will meet the requirement by our customer, with the verification of its identification, when our customer demands to inquire, amend, and/or delete its own personal information.

Observing a law and regulation and review of this policy

We will observe a Japanese law and/or regulation applied to the private information we hold, and properly review the contents of the policy herein for better improvement.

Inquiry & Contact us

Please contact us as per detailed below when you have an inquiry of our privacy policy.
Harp Corporation Co., Ltd.
〒659-0093 5-2, Funado-cho, Ashiya city, Hyogo prefecture
Phone: 0797-32-3365
Fax: 0797-32-3332

Privacy Policy Privacy Policy