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Horse racing

Horse racing

I have been interested in horse racing these days. During “stay-home” period in this May, I happened to see a horse named “Almond eye” race on TV, and she grabbed my heart. Her run on the stretch was marvelous. After this comfortable experience, I have come to watch horse racing programs on TV every weekend.

There is a local horse racing course near my living area. Though I have lived in this area more than 40 years, I have never visited the racing course. I have become very much eager to see a real horse racing. I have entered the horse racing course for the first time in my life, taking my wife with me. It is the first experience to my wife, too, who has been raised and lived in this area more than 65 years since she was born.

We enjoyed ourselves by looking at the horses stroll in the paddock, glancing the menus in the food and beverage corner, and exploring the grandstand from lower floor to upper floors.

We have a lot more to learn before we buy a betting ticket, but we have been entertained just with looking at a horse racing. We had enjoyed two races before we left the place.

Thankful to “Almond eye,” my bad impression on a horse racing has been changed drastically.