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Star Swing 【Osaka】

We went to Hoshida Park, which is about a two-hour train ride from Mimilocco.

The weather was fine and cool, so it was a good day for hiking.

My friend and I walked along the hiking course to the observation deck.

We could see all the way from Hirakata in Osaka to Kyoto!

The suspension bridge in the greenery  is a star swing.

The cist of Katano, where the legend of Tanabata  is told,

named the suspension bridge “Star Swing” as a symbol of the star-falling village.


When the window blows in the middle of the star swing,

it swings a little.

It was thrill for me. :mrgreen:



Seeing the city of Osaka from the great outdoors,

eating sweets with friends,

or take a walk.

It’s great!


I encourage everyone to visit in the early spring or autumn when the weather is nice.

You can enjoy the different scenery from season to season.


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