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Stay-home months

Under the influence of new corona-virus, we have spent most of our time at home from the middle of April through the middle of May.


As we are persons of genuine stay-at-home, we have had not much inconvenience during those months.

Only nuisance was what to have for the lunches. What did we have?

Udon noodle (made of white flour), soba noodle (made of buckwheat), ramen, champon (a dish of noodle in soup with seafood, vegetables, etc.),  sara udon (similar to champon, but no soup), somen (vermicelli), yakisoba (fried noodle), or spaghetti (cooked in the microwave). It was a good rotation for us and soba noodle was on a heavy rotation.


It was easy to prepare and easy to clear the table, and very simple conversation between us!

What do we have today?