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Surprising experience in San Francisco

In downtown San Francisco.

Wow! A car is running without a driver in it!

I was so surprised and looked inside.

There was indeed a passenger in the back seat, but no one in the driver’s seat.

According to my family who lives there,  there are more and more self-driving cabs in the city these days.

He said there was no problem during normal times, but  accidents could occur when unexpected things happens such as ambulances and other emergency vehicles passing  by in a rush.

Self-driving cars are beginning to integrate into daily life in large cities like San Francisco, US.

I realized that this dream-like society would  be available some day in Japan, too.

With this, even if I got old and gave up my driver’s license, I would be able to go anywhere I want to go independently.

Isn’t this exciting?

In the future, AI would  replace the jobs that have been done by people in the past.

However, I believe there are definitely some things that can only be done by humans.

OMOTENASHI,” which is to be thoughtful of others, understand what the other people want and then provide it before being asked by them, can be one of them.

Here at Mimilocco, while enjoying the convenience of the AI, we would like to  provide the service full of hospitality that only our staff can provide to our residents.


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