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Tour flower spots in Hokaido

Touring flower spots in Hokkaido

Part 3

The last leg of my touring flower spots in Hokkaido is Kamiyubetsu tulip park, which is located at the Sea of Okhotsk laying north-east of Hokkaido.

According to a guide book, the total area of the park is 12.5 hectares, and the 700,000 bulbs of tulip are planted in 7 hectares of it. Blooming season is late May because of the cool climate of the Sea of Okhotsk.

I visited there late May. I could see a vast and expanding land covered with full-blown tulip as far as I could see. Yoshino in Nara prefecture is famous for a vast number of cherry blossom trees at a glance, and Kamiyubetsu really is a place where a vast number of tulip flowers could be seen at a glance. The scenery was simply overwhelming.












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