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Angel’s Ladder

Hello, everyone.

Just the other day, I saw a wonderful sight!

I’d like to share it with you all!!

This is actually the view from the fire escape here in Mimilocco.

It was so beautiful that I immediately set up my camera to take a picture of it.

When I researched this phenomenon, I found out that it is called the “Angel’s Ladder”.

(This phenomenon is called “crepuscular rays,” and refers to the sun’s rays leaking through the gaps in the clouds and falling to the ground).


I’m lucky to have seen it, but

I was wondering if…

something good would happen to me. (^^;)

But then I realized that something good had already happened to me!

Actually, we had a staff meeting that day, and the blog contests was announced.

As a result, “Pulling Weeds” (2021.5.15) was chosen.

I was so happy…!

I also received a prize.

The cookies in it were so good, angels would cry for this flavor.

I ate with my family and filled with joy and gratitude. 😳

And then I felt my heart become warm.

Thank you very much.

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