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Autumn with the clear and blue sky and a regained good appetite

Scorching summer days are gone, and now it is filled with a refreshing autumn air, in which we can spend without using air-conditioners.

I used to like the hot summer days, but, for this year, I gave up my confidence. Though I enjoy playing baseball every weekend even in those hot summer days, I spent most of my time in the dugout this year.

As the air has become fresh and brisk and news of new harvests specific to autumn, my faded appetite has been awakened gradually. I am looking forward to eating a saury, taste specific to autumn, grapes, pears, persimmons, and above all, just cooked newly harvested rice.

This year, though we have difficulty eating out under the influence of new Corona-virus, I would like to enjoy having those autumn savors domestically to my heart’s content.