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My great vacation with my friend’s family

Recently, I visited my friend’s house on a holiday after a long absence. Since he is versed in technology and programming, I was looking forward to this time. As I expect, it was so fun. Surprisingly, his father is working on IT and having abundant knowledge of a wide variety of interesting things.
For 7 hours, we talked about the new technologies, played the game and he taught me the structure of interesting technology. Actually, he has 3D printer and said “It’s been a while to use that, so you can use that freely if you want. “. That’s way, I decided to restart learning 3D model. Since I’ve been learning English and programming recently, I’m already kind of busy. However, I’ll learn a new thing more and improve my self for my future. Here is the some parts of my works. I’m sure that I’ll share much better one for the next blog.