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Two Yokozuna or Grand Champions of Sumo born in a small local town

I enjoyed the fifteen-day Sumo tournament of May, which ended with a big applause.

Before the commencement of the said tournament, I have visited a small local town called Fukushima-cho

located near the southernmost tip of Hokkaido,

with Hokkaido Shinkansen running nearby, and facing the Tsugaru Straits.

It is true that there are many Grand Champions of Sumo who were born in Hokkaido,

but it would be much more amazing that two Yokozuna were born in this small local town.

There is a museum in the town to commemorate their great achievements,

showing videos of their decisive bouts and exhibiting many trophies and prizes,

which gave me a nostalgic feeling. It was a short time travel that I enjoyed very much.




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